The Case of the Missing Brand

Location: San Francisco, CA

Innovation Properties Group

Real Estate

Innovation Properties Group (IPG) is a San Francisco-based middle-market real estate company founded in 1997. Teamwork is something that comes naturally to them, the employees are former NCAA, Professional, and Olympic athletes with a crazy dedication to their clients’ success. With high enthusiasm, they were eager to take things to the next level but needed a fresh look that would follow them in their new endeavors.

We started small – by redesigning their flyers we slowly introduced the new course for the IPG ship. From there on we completely refreshed their brand direction, redesigned their website, launched their YouTube channel and created numerous pitch decks to help them win over new clients.

The challenge was to present the brands competitive edge and creative approach. Moving their sportsmanship nature to the forefront allowed them to be recognized as a company that will go the extra mile.

“B22 became our full Marketing design team. They designed our website, our marketing brochures, and all client-facing presentations. They went above and beyond just producing great material and really learned our subject matter and were instrumental in the direction we came to market. Always very creative and easy to work with. Great team players!”

Ivan Smiljanić, Partner at IPG