The Case of Marine Relic Discovery

H2O Robotics, Croatia

H2O Robotics designs and manufactures products that help with deep sea exploration and research. Their products allow users to be connected with researchers above water, easily scan ocean floors and get scans in usable formats for further analysis. They are a Croatian company with the vision to help us better understand our planets oceanic areas.

The main focus for the H2O Robotics website was the UX/UI design and a fitting presentation of their products. After a thorough analysis of what the products do and how they work, we decided to devote each of them a landing page with a goal to visually describe their function.

When landing on one of the product pages, the device is presented clearly alongside some basic info. Once the scrolling starts, the device ‘dives underwater’ and the information presented is focused, giving out increments of information to help anybody viewing get a clear understanding of how each product works.

The products are presented as technical drawings to help link their functionality needed for underwater exploration. Using lines and filled surfaces shows the products serve a specific purpose, like sea floor scanning and inspection, water surveying and underwater communication between researchers. The technological extent which these products go to derives a narrow target group, posing H2O Robotics products as a necessity in deep sea investigation.

Drilling down into the design, hover effects and layouts subtly suggest the core competence of H2O Robotics and their bonding relationship towards deep sea exploration. Accenting the flow of water through buttons and larger elements, layers the design giving the user a subconscious hint, increasing the chances of conversion.

“For a while we wanted to improve our website since we strongly feel that this improvement is of the utmost importance for our sales strategy. B22 team not only helped us improve the website but also re-designed it adding information about our new products. B22 considered our inputs about our technology but added their design “touch” and latest state-of-the-art website appeal “tricks” so our site is now user friendly for smartphone browsing. We are extremely happy with the work of B22 and we are in process of writing additional contracts for their design work.”

Vladimir Djapic, CEO

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