Stanislava Jovanovic

Graphic Design/Branding


Active Agent

Helping Brands differentiate themselves with tailored visual narratives

Stanislava is an experienced graphic designer, who finds excitement in every new pixel, within every visual brand universe.

Nine years ago, Stanislava fell in love with crafting visual brand universes, meticulously shaping each element to tell a captivating visual tale. She enjoys coming up with practical solutions and understanding her clients’ needs, challenges, and viewpoints.

Beyond the screen, Stanislava finds solace in upcycling clothing from thrift shops, embellishing them with intricate embroidery. As her hands do their thing with the needle and the thread, her mind unwinds, relishing in the patience and serenity of the creative process.

Through her dedication to understanding both clients and garments, Stanislava loves weaving narratives that captivate and inspire, leaving a mark on both professional and personal endeavors.

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Discover Our Latest Cases

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