Nevena Bogicevic

QA/Web Admin


Active Agent

Master of meticulous QA, who elevates website quality & user experience.

Nevena is a diligent QA specialist and website administrator. She brings fresh eyes and keen attention to detail to website QA at B22. Despite being new, Nevena has made her mark on several projects, ensuring they meet the highest standards.

With a background in international military cooperation, she leverages discipline, precision, and tactful communication to elevate site quality and smooth website administration.

Outside of work, she’s been dancing for half her life, bringing a graceful touch and the need for precision into her QA work. And as developers often joke, being a QA tester means getting paid to criticize other people‚Äôs work. But, hey, it’s all in the name of perfection.

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Discover Our Latest Cases

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