The Runaway Website

Treasure, San Francisco

Treasure is a young digital marketing agency based in San Francisco that specializes in building connections between brands and consumers across digital channels. They bring an entrepreneurial spirit, investor mindset, and operational experience to everything they do, and they just love to see a brand grow.

Initially, we were given the task of redesigning the website and a bit of SEO along the way, after which we continued to collaborate as a support team.

The request was to design a minimalist website following the existing brand guidelines. After taking a look, we decided to rework the existing abstract shapes as visual interpretations of the values they bring but also used them as subtle visual guides for browsing through content.

With the abstract elements becoming background support, it was clear that the fonts would take center stage. We carefully chose the appropriate fonts and typography layout. More dynamic to the design was needed so we worked on subtle animations as a final touch.

“B22 had a transformative impact on our online presence through their web design and creative work. We were looking to create a modern, updated site that clearly communicated our services and value for our clients, and their work surpassed all our expectations.”

James Boyd, Founder & CEO

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