The Mystery of a Life in Balance

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Lucha T8 is a health improvement device that creates and emits Earth’s natural frequency of 7.83Hz. Created with the belief that the disbalance in the human body is a reflection of the disbalance in our surroundings, Lucha T8 aims to unlock our body’s potential to self-regulate and balance itself. Passionate about their goal and eager to share it with others, Lucha T8 was looking for a visual identity that will communicate their vision and trustworthiness.

We share one crucial thing with Lucha T8 and that is a holistic approach. From brand creation, product design, website design and development to management and social media imagery, we covered all Lucha T8 visual needs on their path of self-revelation and growth.

Designing the Lucha T8 was a turbulant journey, from initial sketches to choosing the right kind of materials and discussing optimization for mass production with engineers. This form was chosen as the most familiar to mobile devices that have almost been ‘molded’ to our bodies the past 10 years. The idea was to create the psychological link between phones as mobile devices and the Lucha T8 as a mobile device.

When we started off in 2017 there was only an idea for a product and the desire to spread knowledge. Capturing Lucha T8’s essence in the form of a device and later the website, was quite challenging, considering it meant spreading the vision to change oneself for the better. We decided to take a personal and emotional approach, to remind that health and self-care are of the utmost importance.

Another challenge was to differentiate their eCommerce from competitors but also from other online stores. The link to nature was key for our thinking here as well, to answer to this, we place the device in nature suggesting the personal use of the product and the mobility that can be achieved in comparison to other Schumann devices.

“B22 presented our product in an authentic way through their creativity and design skills. We got a modern site with information that is useful to the customer and is easily accessible. The collaboration was excellent with their whole team and a recommendation to anyone who would like to present themseleves with a unique visual identity.”

Aleksandra Kitanovic, Co-Founder


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