Bojan Tesin

Head of Marketing


Active Agent

Optimizing marketing efforts to the uniqueness of orgs and their customers.

Bojan is a seasoned marketing professional with over a decade of experience and a deep understanding of the tech industry.

It’s his mission to steer organizations away from generic strategies and hit-or-miss tactics And solve the common challenges faced by businesses today…

  • Content not driving awareness, engagement, or conversions
  • Struggle to build a consistent pipeline of ideal customers
  • Marketing that’s driven by assumptions, opinions, and past playbooks

How? Through a customer-led strategy and a laser focus on their problems.

“Deeply understanding the unique needs, problems, and actions of our target audience, lets us craft strategies that truly resonate. That’s the key to sustainable growth and revenue,” says Bojan.


Discover Our Latest Cases

Discover Our Latest Cases

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