The Secret Ingredient for Good Marketing

Location: Serbia, EU


Digital Marketing

Avokado is a digital marketing agency from Belgrade, specializing in web development and SEO. They’ve been in the industry for some time now and have gained experience in top-quality service. The need for rebranding arose with a goal to achieve something visually striking through the integration of healthy produce and the quality of their products. Inspired by fresh, nourishing, healthy fruit we decided to transform those values into branding, and later the website.

Marketing is not easy to illustrate, so we needed out-of-the-box thinking, not the usage of conventional ways to depict Avokado’s value. In today’s demanding market, the obstacle is clear, how do we visually represent a marketing agency named after a fruit?

Seemingly two very different subjects turned out to have some things in common after all. We located and labeled the touch points and started building on metaphors. Incorporating marketing elements with avocado-made products. It may have been a stretch during the process, but the risk paid off once the packaging for their products came to life.