LAST UPDATED 17 May, 2024

Package Description

Geared toward established businesses, Scale will supercharge your strategies, maximize your reach, and turn your well-laid groundwork into exponential growth.*

*Before becoming viable to sign up for the Scale package, you need to do either the Launch or Transform package first.
Why do we ask our clients to do this?
Unless you go through the setup phase with us, we cannot guarantee results in the Scale phase.

Package price

from $5K/mo


6+ months

Who is the package for?

You have a well-established business that has validated PMF and needs to grow/scale. Your digital assets and product have matured, and you’re ready for the next step.

What are the possible outcomes of the Scale package?

  • Increased revenue
    • increased number of users/customers
      increased spending by existing customers (LTV and ACV are increased)
  • Increased customer engagement
    • users/customers are spending more time on your website or other digital assets
    • Elevated user/customer engagement metrics: (e.g., social media engagement, reviews, testimonials)

How Do We Achieve Outcomes?

To achieve these desired outcomes, we start by closely examining your goals and challenges, after which we assemble a team tailored to your requirements.

Our method entails:

  1. Goal and metric definition, stakeholder identification, and target audience profiling
  2. Strategy formulation, meticulously crafted to achieve desired results
  3. Team assembly, comprising experts aligned with your needs
  4. Tactical implementation with a detailed schedule
  5. Continuous execution and iteration
  6. Refinement until goals are met
  7. Setting up next phase goals

What is included in the scale package?

The Scale Package encompasses B22’s complete suite of services—design, marketing, and development—alongside dedicated personnel focusing on high-level management and strategy.