Creating an impactful kinetic identity requires a transparent origin story for the brand identity, which sets out why residents and visitors come to the hills, in one form or another. Throughout the landscape, signage proudly announces the hillside’s rich history and rich culture, using rugged, natural landscape images alongside a vibrant contemporary palette.

Lucha T8 is a health improvement device that creates and emits Earth’s natural frequency of 7.83Hz. Created with the belief that the disbalance in the human body is a reflection of the disbalance in our surroundings, Lucha T8 aims to unlock our body’s potential to self-regulate and balance itself. Passionate about their goal and eager to share it with others, Lucha T8 was looking for a visual identity that will communicate their vision and trustworthiness.

Sepetka is a company focused on selling and delivering fresh, locally grown vegetables and fruit to your table. The goal is to spread awareness on healthy foods and support regional farmers while making it convenient and accessible for people with high paced living to have fresh produce in their kitchen.

Sepetka, an old term meaning fruit basket, suggested the brand atmosphere of the 60’s when organic produce was seldom on peoples tables in comparison to mass production we have today. Nostalgia was the theme – the feeling of comfort and taste of grandma’s homemade food. Transforming that feeling into something tangible, friendly and inviting was a lot of fun and it took us all on a trip down memory lane.

We ended up with two different directions and but couldn’t decide which one to go with. We decided to test the solutions through a poll hoping to get answers from future customers.